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  • Бесплатная доставка свыше $65

  • 100 дней на возврат

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Take your clothes with you and jump into the metaverse of your choice!

We at Mr. Gugu & Miss Go have always focused on what is yet to come. Our brand of futuristic fullprint clothing has been built around the idea of a colorful future. Nowadays, when NFT is a hot topic, we found a way to utilize this new technology in the digital world. Reality is moving to the internet - we want to be a part of this process and move along with it. That is why all future Mr. Gugu clothes will be provided with a digital equivalent available to use in any metaverse. We have partnered up with Fanadise.com, a startup focused around the ideas of digital goods and NFTs.

The rules are simple:
a) buy any Mr. Gugu & Miss Go outfit from the dedicated NFT selection (all the clothes on this particular site), of course you can buy more than one!
b) you will receive an NFT with your purchase which will allow you to obtain a digital version of the item for any metaverse
c) the project is on from the 30th of August to the 10th of September or until stock runs out

See you in the meta-reality! 

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