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Pizza pillow


Are you sick of all these dull home decor accessories? Are you looking for something jaw dropping? Are you looking for a perfect gift for someone special? Mr. GUGU & Miss GO can satisfy all these needs! Introducing our new spectacular pillows: soft, unique, freaky just like us. Our pillows have a zipper, and the majority of them have an insert which makes a washing process a lot easier. Our insert fills the pillow neatly and prevents it from deforming. 

Hamburger - Height 21 cm. Width: 37 cm

Pizza - Height 12 cm. Width: 41 cm

Beer - Height 38 cm. Width 35 cm

Tree trunk- Height 18 cm. Width 42 cm

Dumpling - Height 25 cm. Width 55 cm

Cat - Height 52 cm. Width 33 cm

Pug - Height 52 cm. Width 33 cm

Corgi - Height 40 cm. Width 36 cm

Donut - Height 12 cm. Width 41 cm


70% Cotton, 30% Polyester


Silicone ball


Made in EU





Our pillows are absolutely unique, which makes them a perfect gift for your loved ones. Are you looking for something special, something that will make you laugh and make the recipient smile? You’ve come to the right place. Nine unique designs will surprise everyone and everyone will find something for themselves.


The quality and technology of printing ensure that the pillows will serve you for a very long time. The material does not fade and the colors do not lose their intensity.


The pillows are filled with a silicone ball filling - the perfect material for stuffing pillows. Thanks to this, we give you the greatest comfort and convenience. The pillows are so nice that you won't want to part with them.


All pillows have a zipper that allows you to easily remove the cover and wash it. Most products also have a special insert that holds the filling in place, does not allow the filling to slide, so the pillow keeps its shape. The insert makes it even easier to keep the cover clean and fresh.

  • Unique design

  • Zipper

  • Product available and ready for immediate shipment

  • Intense colors

  • Filled with a silicone ball filling

  • Special insert inside the pillow (except dumpling and donut pillow)

  • Care instructions: Wash the cover at 30 degrees inside out

  • Made in EU


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