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Deep Red Nebula Leggings

$29,95 / $59,95

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Can you imagine that somewhere in the world, maybe even close by, there are people who can create such beautiful and precise things? Amazing, isn’t it? Handicraft is sometimes joked about, but it can be a genuine piece of art. Such a piece is featured in our Regional Pattern design. We just can’t take our eyes off these elaborate embellishments. The whole piece drags you in like a whirlpool, at the same time restoring peace and encouraging some reflection. When seen close by, the design looks incredible and will be a statement piece in your wardrobe.

Таблица размеров

мерка снята на плоской поверхности Продукт является гибким, приспосабливается к телу.
A - Длина ног (CM) 67 68 69 70 71
B - Обхват талии (CM) 30 32 33 35 36
C - Обхват бедер (CM) 32,5 34,5 36,5 38 40
Высота (CM) 87 88 90 92 94

A - Длина ног (IN) 26 26,5 27 27,5 28
B - Обхват талии (IN) 12 12,5 13 13,5 14
C - Обхват бедер (IN) 12,5 13,5 14 15 15,5
Высота (IN) 34 34,5 35,5 36 37


текстильный материал:    82% нейлон, 18% спандекс
Для:     Женщина
происхождение:    Сделано в ЕС
Доступность:     Made to order


Leggings are certainly one of your favourite products, we see that every day. So we have done everything in our power to give you a product that’s comfortable, fits your body perfectly and at the same time is truly unique. It is all due to the fullprint technology, which allows us to transfer lively, intense colours onto leggings. The print does not fade, so you can enjoy your leggings for a very long time.


    Our fabric adjusts perfectly to your shape, so that you can show off your silhouette and sex appeal.


    Your comfort is our priority. The seams make our leggings resistant to stretching, prevent them from rubbing into our body and ensure your full comfort in any situation.


    We also appreciate your privacy, so we guarantee that while wearing our leggings you will not show more than you would want.


    Our print technology allows us to maintain intense colours and patterns for a long time. You can wear the leggings as often as you’d like and the print will stay intact.


    The light and breathable fabric is highly resistant to stretching and moisture.

    • Light, breathable fabric
    • Sizes XS to XL
    • The product is sewn according to an individual order
    • Perfect fit
    • Fabric: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
    • Wash inside out at 30 degrees
    • Produced in Poland (Bielsko-Biała)

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