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New Sweaters Company

The world is full of pictures. Every picture we can find around has its own story. There are endless number of stories that ought to be seen through pictures. These are, above all, the stories connected with strange and beautiful places. Have you ever wondered how many tales and memories are laid before you on a particular street, in a mountain valley, under a tree? Have it ever occurred to you to become the ambassador of such a place? You can have some picture printed on a sweater. And this is not only a cute ornament that you can put on your body as a piece of your clothes. Just think of bearing witness to a place that flourishes with its own true and unique story. Think of people who had created this and other stories. Think of a window onto the world that you give to your friends and interlocutors. Staying in front of you and looking at you means to take one's part in the story behind your picture. So don't keep us waiting anymore. Join the company of people who have something marvellous to share with the others! Have a picture on you!

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